We Offer A Service

Our aim is to build long lasting relationships with our clients and to provide them with genuine customized services, based on independent advice. We add value and do not sell products !

Our advisory, corporate engineering and trustee work is strongly supported by a full range of legal, accounting and administrative services in over 30 jurisdictions.

Our Advice & Corporate Engineering Services: 

We believe in designing solutions, fitting the specific needs of our clients and adapted to any changes in their personal, fiscal and professional environment.We offer structured solutions including companies, partnerships, trusts, foundations and investment funds.

The ACE Group includes 10 fully owned subsidiaries and maintains a high quality international network of professional Agents and Advisors in over 30 jurisdictions permitting the provisions of Tailor made services to its worldwide clientele.

We are proud of our multinational and multilingual staff members that bring together a melting pot of experience, skills and language abilities including English, French, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Afrikaans.

Our Professional Trustee Services:

We are able to provide for Professional Trustee Services in Switzerland, New Zealand and the USA under the brand ACE TRUSTEES, and to offer intelligent, independent and pro-active Trustee Services under any Trust Legislation.

We are active Trustees, providing positive and informed trusteeship, able to deal with assets that are substantial and complex. We identify potential problems and deal with them before adverse issues arise.
We provide a forum for the families. We understand the wishes of family members with a view to avoid disputes that could be so damaging for family wealth.

Our commitment to understanding our client’s objectives enables us to implement well-informed decisions in a very efficient and timely manner.
This is achievable only due to the expertise of our Directors and Trust Officers who have a background in advising on tax, legal and succession matters combined with a solid experience in commercial/transactional work.

Here are examples of transactions where ACE has practical experience:

  • Structuring Private Equity Investments through Holding Companies
  • Structuring Real Estate investments
  • Capital Increases, Exchanges of shares and Contributions in kind;
  • Transfer of location operations
  • Structuring the holding and selling of non-liquid assets (art, yachts, planes etc.)
  • Private Investment Funds
  • Private Trust Companies
  • Establishing Joint Ventures
  • Registration and exploitation of Image Rights, Patents and Trademarks
  • Bond Issues
  • Family Wealth Organization
  • Control of Performances
  • Family Office Services