ACE International in Geneva, Trustee Services & Company Administration - CEO Ariane Slinger
ACE International in Geneva, Trustee Services & Company Administration - CEO Ariane Slinger

A team at your disposal

During the present uncertain period it is difficult for business owners to define their strategies, since nobody knows which impact the COVID-19 will have on business activities and what the future will bring.

At ACE International SA we are at your disposal with our teams to assist you by offering various services which will help you to serenely operate in the future and be prepared for the post COVID-19 business environment.

We are closely following the changes in legislation and tax regulations in a large number of jurisdictions, as well as the financial markets, as this COVID-19 situation evolves and are ready to help you manoeuvre in these unstable times.

While we realise that many of you are going through a hard time right now, we are here to help efficiently deal with all the new needs and requirements you may encounter in the near future.

With the assistance of our teams, we particularly highlight the following services : 

-   Administrative and Accounting support: daily accounting, payroll administration, monthly financial reporting as well as preparation of Financial Statements, preparing audits, international transfers and payments.

-   Business planning : assisting you with budgeting, cash forecasts, cost management and analysing your future needs.

-   Providing local directors and corporate and secretarial support: organising board meetings, preparing resolutions and legal documentation in a large number of jurisdictions.

-   Support for Trusts and Foundations: protecting and controlling their assets.

-   Support for Financial Investments : protecting financial assets through the selection of well rated banking institutions and high quality investment managers.

-   Tax Support services : preparing Tax and VAT returns in various jurisdictions.

-   Managing the opening of bank accounts remotely if needed and taking care of all compliance and CRS /FATCA reporting issues.

-   Philanthropic support services through the management and control of charitable projects, the coordination & organization of donations.

Our highly qualified and multilingual Lawyers, Accountants, Administrators and Staff members are at your disposal to reply to all your questions and requests.

Our commitment is and remains to understand our clients’ objectives and needs and to assist them in developing a valuable strategy.

For more information, please contact:

-   Mrs. Ariane Slinger, CEO

-   Mr. Javier Otero, Vice President

Or your usual contact at ACE International SA.