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ACE international supports two MSF programs!

ACE International has been supporting Médecins Sans Frontières for several causes since 2014. This year, two projects received an important donation. The first one went to the COVID-19 emergency fund mainly to help face the sanitary crisis across under developed countries that are still in a dire situation. The second donation went to the Bekaa valley project in Lebanon where MSF has a presence for many years and where a lot of Syrians took refuge due to the dramatic situation in their country. On top of this important influx of Syrian refugees, due to the poor economic situation in Lebanon and the COVID-19 crisis effects a lot of Lebanese have been knocking on the doors of the MSF dispensaries too in order to get access to the most basic care.

ACE International donates towards research targeting children suffering from high-risk tumours

Supporting innovative research projects in fighting pediatric cancers has been a long-standing engagement for ACE International. For several years now, regular donations were made through the Hubert Gouin Enfance & Cancer Association. An important donation was just granted to the MICCHADO ChipSeq research project which focuses on the care and support of children suffering from high-risk tumours, a project initiated at the Institut Curie in Paris.

Pediatric cancers are one of the leading causes of death in children, with more than 160,000 new cases worldwide each year.


IFC Awards and Powerwomen Awards by CityWealth

Ariane Slinger, ACE International has won BRONZE in the Trustee of the Year - Switzerland category of the 2021 Citywealth IFC Awards.

As good news never come alone, Ariane Slinger has won SILVER in the CEO/Board member of the year – Switzerland category of the 2021 Citywealth Powerwomen awards.


ACE International donates to support scientific research in the field of pediatric cancer

Pediatric cancers are one of the leading causes of death in children, with more than 160,000 new cases worldwide each year. These cancers are not the same as those found in adults. The symptoms, treatments and survival rates are also different. Pediatric cancers therefore require specific scientific research. ACE International has decided to support, through the Hubert Gouin « Enfance & Cancer » Association, a large-scale European project in immunotherapy.

Since its creation in 2004, the Hubert Gouin Enfance & Cancer Association has supported more than 75 research projects and participated in major discoveries in the field of pediatric cancers.


Donation to Chaîne du Bonheur

In addition to the health consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the social and economic repercussions of the crisis are becoming increasingly visible in Switzerland.

Thanks to Chaine du Bonheur, more than CHF 37 million in donations have been received since March to support those most affected by the consequences of covid-19 in Switzerland.

We, at Ace International, felt it was our duty to show our solidarity with those in a precarious situation and to be part of the corporate donors. 

Hopefully many more Swiss businesses will become donors of Chaîne du Bonheur !


ACE International SA - A team at your disposal

During the present uncertain period it is difficult for business owners to define their strategies, since nobody knows which impact the COVID-19 will have on business activities and what the future will bring.

At ACE International SA we are at your disposal with our teams to assist you by offering various services which will help you to serenely operate in the future and be prepared for the post COVID-19 business environment.


Donation to MSF for the Covid-19 emergency fund

ACE International is proud to support Médecins Sans Frontières with a new donation, as part of a Covid-19 emergency fund: 25% of the donation will be used to help the situation in Switzerland and 75% will go to developing countries, particularly MSF's work in Africa.

As an emergency medical organisation, MSF is particularly concerned by this health challenge: thus, their teams are involved in the fight against Covid-19 in Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Hong Kong and they are preparing projects around the world to cope with the spread of the pandemic. On the African continent, almost 90% of the countries are already affected by Covid-19.

Ariane Slinger and the entire ACE International team have been supporting Médecins sans Frontières Switzerland since 2014, particularly for the Ebola vaccination project and by providing substantial support to the emergency funds for the victims of forgotten crises.

Please consider supporting organizations like these that are fighting this pandemic on the forefronts.

IFC Awards by CityWealth

Ariane Slinger, ACE International’s CEO, has won the Editor's Choice award by Citywealth IFC Awards 2020.


Quels impacts pour les GFI et les trustees?

L’un des grands changements amenés par les ordonnances sur la loi sur les services financiers (LSFin) et la loi sur les établissements financiers (LEFin) du 15 juin 2018 concerne les gestionnaires de fortune indépendants (GFI) et les trustees, lesquels devront dorénavant être autorisés par la FINMA et seront surveillés par un organisme de surveillance (OS).


Trusts Suisses: les Chambres ont compris l’enjeu

La transparence fiscale et la réputation d’intégrité de la place financière suisse seront mieux défendues en Suisse si la notion de Trust est introduite en droit suisse permettant une meilleure protection des actifs et renforçant l'attractivité de la Suisse.